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Taking Calm to Work

The total number of working days lost due to stress, depression or anxiety in the UK was 11.7 million in 2015/16, an average of 23.9 days per case. *

Stress-related illness in Jersey accounts for approximately 5000 working days lost each year (an average of approximately 45 days per case). **

Absenteeism due to work related stress is extremely costly, both in terms of losses to the businesses affected and the suffering of the individuals concerned.

Excessive stress can cripple productivity and have a devastating impact on physical and emotional health. By bringing health and wellness services directly to your employees you can increase productivity and reduce burnout.

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What is Reset?

Reset is a 6-week programme that uses auricular (ear) acupuncture to boost wellness in the workplace. Auricular acupuncture is a safe, simple and drug-free treatment that is used in clinics throughout the world.

Reset is designed to return you to a calm, quiet headspace; putting you back in control; to have clarity and therefore be more productive. It allows us to respond rather than react to challenges.

Auricular acupuncture is now offered by the US military for relief from a number of conditions including PTSD and chronic pain.

Acupuncture is especially effective at promoting wellbeing because of its profound effect of regulating the way your body responds to stress or the fight/flight response.

Auricular acupuncture stimulates the external ear, which is richly supplied by nerve endings that are linked to the brain and other organs via the central nervous system.

Acupuncture reduces stress and increases the body’s resistance to future stress. Your metabolism, heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tension and blood pressure all return to their normal levels. It helps calm your mind and relax your muscles.

It enhances calmness, clarity, objectivity, flexibility and concentration. It also decreases anxiety and depression and increases emotion regulation and self-control.

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How it works

We will visit your place of work once a week for 6 weeks. This means you waste no time travelling. Typically, a large meeting room within your establishment could be used to host the pop-up clinic, which will take 5 minutes to set up.

Reset programmes are run as a multi-bed practice. This means that you will be sitting down for your session alongside your colleagues. 5 fine, sterile needles are inserted into key points on the ear. They are left in for 20 minutes. People find that during a treatment they feel relaxed and restful.

Taking back control

We are constantly bombarded with information and distractions. This creates noise in our heads and severely impacts our ability to think critically.

We bring mental processes under greater voluntary control when we move away from mindless, reactive-based patterns of behaviour and consciously respond rather than unconsciously react to situations.

By creating a pause, we break the usual programmed response to a stressful situation. Acupuncture allows this by quietening the noise and creating this reset.

It regulates the way our body responds to stress by initiating the relaxation response. This affords the mind clarity to re-consider the present situation and decide how we will respond, allowing us to navigate our lives more effectively.

How do we set up a Reset programme?

Contact the Reset team and we’ll organise a visit to your workplace to discuss a programme that meets your company’s needs. The cost for consecutive sessions over 6-weeks is £120 per person.

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Who are the Reset team?

The Reset team are Tracey Phillips and Phil Maguire.

Tracey has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture for 12 years. She completed a British Acupuncture Council accredited BSc (Hons) degree in TCM Acupuncture and has 25 years health care experience. Tracey has a private practice at Indigo House Medical Centre and is a director of Reset Acupuncture. Phil’s area of expertise is in Health Informatics and Systems Management.

We place a strong emphasis on prevention of illness and promotion of wellness. There is more to health than simply waiting for illness to appear. We believe in the benefits of making good choices for a happier and healthier you.

We’re committed to making your office a calmer and more efficient place to work

If you’d like to speak with one of our team, just use the form below.

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This course is not available for anyone with the following conditions: pregnancy, epilepsy, hemophilia, hepatitis, HIV, DVT (on heparin/warfarin), BBVs, a severe coronary condition, malignant anemia, very high or very low blood pressure, a skin condition affecting the ear i.e. dermatitis/psoriasis/impetigo or a notifiable disease. However private practice may be available – please check.
*Stress-related and psychological disorders in Great Britain 2016 – Health and Safety Executive.
**Work related stress/gov.je.