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I came to acupuncture as with the mind frame of “I’ll try anything” as I was struggling to cope with tension headaches. I have a fear of needles, so acupuncture was a big step for me to take but I was desperate. My first experience of acupuncture was not at all what I was expecting and was a very calming one. Tracey was brilliant with me, from the moment of discussing my initial health symptoms and everything else that was going on in my life. I was at a point of complete exhaustion with my eldest child sitting his GCSE exams, my middle child sitting end of year exams, working part time, training to take on a new role running a house involving a husband, three kids and a dog!

I had various symptoms but the worst was the tension headaches, tinnitus and a sinus infection that completely wiped me out. I also grind my teeth at night and was feeling over anxious all the time.   I have since discovered that I am going through the peri-menopause and so my hormones were all over the place too! I was really hoping the treatment would stop the tension headaches and help me cope with the feelings of high anxiety, which it did! Subsequently I have suffered with indigestion problems, which the acupuncture has really helped with too.

I have carried on with acupuncture as I feel it benefits me so much as a whole person and Tracey is able to treat any minor issues that I may have, such as back or neck problems. When I came to Tracey, I was not in a good way emotionally or physically and the acupuncture has helped me not only get better physically but has also helped me to learn to “be in the moment”, to worry less and to have better control of who I am and my life. Thank you so much Tracey – not sure what I would have done without you.

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I have known Tracey in her professional capacity and also as a personal friend over the last three years.  She is a warm and caring in person and very easy to get on with.  I’ve been impressed by her professional attitude when working closely with people.  She takes time to listen (a much under rated skill these days) and is able to adapt her treatments to suit an individual’s problems.  That said if she feels strongly that something will not work for her clients, she is happy to talk this through so that an amicable solution can hopefully be reached.  Tracey is both knowledgeable and passionate about her work which comes through clearly when she is with you, giving you a sense of confidence in her abilities.

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When I first met Tracey, I was suffering with acute hay fever. I’d never had acupuncture before but had been recommended it by a friend. Within 2 sessions, my symptoms were cleared and I was amazed at the difference that it had made. What was more interesting though, was how ‘well’ acupuncture made me feel. I made a decision to invest in my wellness and start seeing Tracey on a regular basis. Since that time, I’ve learnt so much from her and feel so much more in tune with my body/mind/soul. I haven’t been to a doctor since, and look forward to every session knowing I’m investing in my wellness as opposed to waiting to get sick and then dealing with health issues. I cannot recommend Tracey enough.

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A friend suggested Tracey for acupuncture. I had little idea what to expect. My hope was for some relief enough to get me out and about again. There has been such a great improvement that stairs are no longer a problem. I have flexibility of movement with no pain, plus I am back cycling again. The treatment has made me relaxed and self-aware. I would recommend Tracey to anyone. She is a joy to work with. What more can I say but my heartfelt gratitude.

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One of the things I noticed after receiving ear acupuncture was the calm I felt. Like my head was quiet. I could here the silence. Because of this I was able to manage my anxieties. What was more surprising was an improvement in my digestion generally but specifically bloating. I suppose I was just more relaxed.”

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Before having acupuncture I was described as a stressful person at my work, often feeling uptight and unable to cope with pressure. I believe the acupuncture I have received has allowed me to have a sense to cope better and I no longer feel that the chatter within the office gets in the way of my daily business. Thank you Tracey for your support.

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It’s much easier to focus on the task in front of you when you’re not lost in thought. When your mind gets carries away thinking about the past and future, stresses and worries, it’s difficult to be engaged with everyday tasks. Before acupuncture I didn’t realise I was caught up in my thoughts, as we all get used to being in that state where our minds wonder off constantly. The feeling after treatment leaves me able to concentrate more easily, feel calmer and happier, and therefore better able to handle stressful situations, interact with others and focus on what I’m doing.